I.  What is your shipping policy?

We offer free domestic shipping on all orders.

II.  Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  Currently we ship to Asia, EU, UK, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), Canada, Central and South Americas.  

III.  Is international shipping also free?

International shipping is free on any orders over $100.  On orders below $100, standard international shipping rates apply.  

IV.  How quickly can I receive my order?

Since all items are made to order, they won't go into production until we receive your order.  Please allow 5-10 business days for the items to arrive on domestic orders; 2-4 weeks on international orders.  


I.  What is your return policy?

Since your purchase is custom made to order exclusively for you, certain conditions apply.  We will honor a return/refund if: (1) the product itself is flawed or damaged, (2) the quality of the printing or embroidery is poor, or (3) the final product is notably different from the product presented on the website. 

If your purchase meets the above criteria, please email us no later than 3 business days after the delivery date at support@yamaliving.com.  Please include the following in your email:

  • Your order number and the email address registered to the shipping information.
  • Photo(s) of the affected item(s). Please include a photo of the whole item and any other photos that may help identify the issue, including photos for:
    • Apparel: a). garment’s label (if there is one); b). full item clearly displayed; c). problem area(s) clearly displayed
    • Accessories: send us an image of the entire item laying on a flat surface.  Make sure the image clearly shows where the defect is.  
    • Other items: a photo that shows the whole product as well as any relevant closeups.
    • Any other relevant information.

    II.  How long does it take for a return or refund to process?

    Our team will review your email claim for approval.  Once your claim is approved, we will notify you via email.  We do require the item(s) to be returned to us in order to initiate the refund process. We will send the qualified refund to you once we receive the returned item(s). Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns. Shipping, handling, taxes and any additional service costs are nonrefundable.

    To qualify for a return or refund, your item must be unused and in perfect condition. Unqualified returns will not be eligible for a refund, and the item will be forfeited.  Qualified refunds are processed immediately but may take 5-10 business days to appear on your statement, depending on your payment method.

    III.  What is your exchange policy?

    We do not offer exchanges or replacements.  We don't warehouse excess inventory.  All items are made to order, therefore, we won't be able to accommodate exchanges.  

    IV.  Anything else I should know about?

    We do not accept returns or process refunds if:

    • The item(s) is made as ordered, but you “changed your mind”. 
    • The return request has not been reviewed and approved by our team before you send the item(s) back.
    • The item(s) have been worn or washed.
    • The item(s) have been altered in any way or if they do not have the original tags.
    • The item(s) were a “Final" or "Clearance Sale"

    Any further questions about our return and refund policy?

    Please send us an email at support@yamaliving.com and we will help you out to the best of our abilities!


    I.  Are all of your products Eco-Friendly?

    At least 90% of our products are eco-friendly and the ones that are will say so in the product description.  We want to offer our customers a balance between stylish and sustainable products.  Unfortunately, not all eco-friendly products are suitable to our particular designs (i.e. material being too thin, etc.).  That being said, we do make sure that our products are sourced from fair trade and ethical suppliers to always align with our own corporate mission as being an ethical and purpose-driven company.

    II.  Can you elaborate on how "custom design and made to order" contribute to sustainability? 

    Our designs are created in-house by our yogi founder, they are never outsourced offshore.  To reduce our carbon footprint, we also don't mass produce and stock inventories.  Orders don't go into production until you're done shopping and click "Check Out."  The production on demand business model not only helps contributing to the overall sustainability of planet earth, it also ensures each individual piece is unique in its own way!!